About. Scale of values

What is your name?, Where are you from?, How old are you?, How much do you weight?, How tall are you?... We measure everything, we classify everything, we have the urgent need to experience the world through figures.

We are use to using measurement systems that help us understand all we know, it is not strange that we live affected by statistics, especially if they relate with day to day activity, and with a topic that literally has had this country and the world in a state of anxiety for a long time: violence.

El Salvador was involved for 12 years in a war that left more than 75,000 victims; 20 years ago the Peace Agreements where signed; more than 60 people have died for every 100,000 habitants between 2004 and 2009, this country has been appointed by UNDP as the most violent country in the world, and is also one of the most deforested countries per square kilometer; and inventories continue in what appears to be a long list of numbers.

The universe of the household is the space where the most important things happen. The objects that compose it are therefore transcendental. In this series Walterio does a redefinition exercise; returning these objects and taking them out of their home environment in irony, proposing a series of comments related to our everyday life. A rain of knives, toy horses, detergents and matches organized horizontally on exact ciphers that suggest a range of variations. These instruments are no longer for cooking, cleaning nor game objects; they are now composed subtly or clearly as statistics that we all are a part.